Tonfa - Square Ash - Tapered Shaft

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Tonfa - Square Ash - Tapered Shaft

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Handsomely crafted wooden square Tonfa with a tapered shaft

Introduction - Tonfa - Square Ash w/ Tapered Shaft

There are many nice reasons that make the Karate tonfa so unique. These implements have a style that's more suitable for traditional arts, as well as the size of the ends, make the Tonfa easier to use. These handles reduce the likelihood of hands sliding off because they are bulkier and better constructed. Different design of the sticks gives it a lighter feel to it, which is pleasant for some to fight with.

These Okinawan Tonfas are made of ash wood, which has been beautifully crafted into a martial arts weapon. These wooden tonfas are sold in pairs.

What is a Tonfa?

Tonfa, also known as tonfa or tuifa, also known as T-baton, is a melee weapon best known for its role in the armed component of the Okinawan martial arts. It consists of a stick with a perpendicular handle attached a third of the way down the length of the stick and is about 15-20 inches long.

What is the usage of a Tonfa?

The tonfa measures about three inches past the elbow when it is grasped. There are 3 grip types, honte-mochi , gyakute-mochi , and tokushu-mochi . (special). The natural design that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. This provides additional protection by covering your elbows, wrists, and forearms with a hooking grip. The tonfa can be swung out to strike or thrust the opponent. Martial artists may also hold tonfa by the shaft. No doubt this handy tool could be used in martial arts (sickle). There is a rare grip in the kata Yaraguwa. Side-handle batons are popular weapons used by many modern law enforcement departments.

What is the history of a Tonfa?

Tonfa is a popular martial art in the islands of Okinawa, and its origin is debatable. One of the primary origins of tonfa is from China but it also can be traced to Indonesia and Thailand. Both the Chinese and Malay words for the weapon (guai and topang respectively) literally mean "crutch", suggesting the weapon originated from these crutches. Similar blunt instruments in Cambodia and Thailand are using as a type of weapon consisting of a pair of long clubs tied onto the forearms. In Thailand and Malaysia, the mai sok is similar to the tonfa with a perpendicular handle. It might be the original version of tonfa.

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TONFA / TUIFA hand-made in Canada, white ash, round or square (Okinawan style), pair. The available sizes are: Overall length: S-18" (46 cm)  M-20" (51 cm)  L-22" (56 cm). The weight of wooden weapons made of white ash is approx. 30% less than the ones made of red oak. Hand-made by the Mennonite Community (well know for their quality of craftsmanship). Walnut Stained-special formula to prevent sticking. With Menugi peg to prevent the handle from coming loose. Crafted grip handles to fit your hands.



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