Engraving & Embroidering

Here at The Martial Artist we have a large inventory of trophies for every sport/event you can think of and if you don't see any that meet you needs than we will build you one that will. We also have lots of medals, plaques and medallions for you to choose from. We also do all the engraving for the trophies, medals, medallions and plaques right on site with our computerized engraving system.

Do you need logos, names, etc. on your uniforms, jackets, shirts, hats, pants or any other clothing The Martial Artist can do it for you right on site. We have two "state of the art" computerized embroidering machines at the store.

With the engraving and embroidering being done at the store we have cut down on the time it takes to get things done and also saved everyone a few bucks along the way.

Because the type of work involved in engraving and embroidering you have to speak with our staff directly either by email, phone or in person at the store to ensure that things are done properly.

If you would like a quote, click the button below to send us a picture of what you would like. We will get back you with a quote!