Engraving & Embroidering

Here at The Martial Artist we have a large inventory of trophies for every sport/event you can imagine -  and if you don't see a product that meets your needs, we will build you a specialized one.  As well as trophies, we have a large selection of medals, plaques and medallions.  We engrave trophies, medals, medallions and plaques on site with our modern computerized engraving system.

Do you need logos, names, or other designs on your uniforms, jackets, shirts, hats, pants or other clothing?  With our four state-of-the-art computerized embroidering machines, The Martial Artist provides this service here at the store.

On-Site engraving and embroidering saves our customers time and money.  We're always glad to engrave or embroider your special mementos, personalized gifts, company advertising items and seasonal decorative items.  

To ensure the best results, it is best to speak with our staff directly (by email, phone or in person at the store) about the design and technical work involved in engraving or embroidering.  

If you would like a quote, click the button below to send us a picture of what you would like. We will get back you with a quote!