Wooden Tai Chi Sword

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Aidan Elliot

It came straight to my door and in goof condition.

Leonard St-Aubin

Wooden Tai Chi Sword

Bob Morouney
a great practice sword for Tai Chi Sword form

I have been using a home-made sword -- a stick with a cross piece -- to learn and practice a Tai Chi Sword form. I did not wish anything better until I was sure I'd enjoy committing to continued practice. A year into my practice, I purchased this sword from The Martial Artist and it is great. It gives a much better idea of the weight and inertia of the sword, all around more useful for developing the feel of the moving sword. It is well made, nicely finished, and looks good, too. Of course, the price is very reasonable. Just as importantly, it is not as hard on the furnishings as a metal sword. I recommend this item to anyone interested in a good beginner and intermediate practice sword.

Queena Chan
Solid but picture misleading

Solid wooden sword but the small picture has coloring that is misleading that makes it look pre-stained. It is unfinished but the wood is smooth. I will be sanding it down then staining to achieve a richer wood look.

Wooden Tai Chi Sword

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